Friday, February 28, 2014

Destructible in Games

The next assignment for our programming class involves creating destructible objects that may be used for our futuristic, sci-fi racing environment. These destructible will be objects that, when the player impacts or attack it, will fracture into pieces or slices while being affected by the in-game physics. These can also be followed up by other effects such as particle systems to make the breaking object more believable . Here's a few examples of game play presenting destructible found in games.

Destructible footage starts at 14:29

Though I've yet to play Mass Effect, this environment run-through shows a great example of destructibles and particle effects seen during gameplay, as well as presenting a destroyed yet believable environment.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Explosive Barrel Progress

For our Programming Class, we were assigned to record the first prototype of our "exploding barrels." Welp, with prototyping comes silly troubles, such as barrels not exploding when hit by weapons, but through rapid impacts. I guess it's a fun way to remind oneself that, during production, some things can just make no sense.

Oh well. Time for some playful problem solving! And a heck-ton of barrels

Racing Intros

I've played only a few racing games throughout the years. But one game intro that I kindly remember is DiddyKong Racing's opening. It's a lighthearted, colorful introduction that exposes the different vehicles that the player can choose to race, the cast of characters, various environments, and even the game's main antagonist (personally, I haven't seen too many classic narrative elements such as these in racing games).

Friday, February 21, 2014

An Explosive Blog Post

What does a game need? Barrels! What do barrels do best? Explode! Here in our Programming class, we were assigned to create our own type of "exploding barrel" for our race track. After a few silhouette practices, I decided to keep this asset simple; a floating orb with two rings (I guess that's simple... right?)

More updates coming soon!