Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shuffling through Old Works

Looking back at my works, I think one of the things I've enjoyed the most was making these sculptures. Making illusions on a 2D medium is really great and has a magic of its own, but it's not as satisfying as knowing how something might look in real life from every angle. It's definitely a challenge, getting most if not every side to look believable and appealing. But, for someone who likes to know where everything is and how everything works, sculpting has been one of the funnest, artsy, puzzle-solving joys I've experienced.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trailer Gushing - "The Last of Us"

The Last of Us’ trailer was something that really caught my attention. It’s action packed, dramatic, well paced, and built with strong cinematic qualities. But what really catches my attention is the fact that all animated cut-scenes and rendered shots are part of the in-game experience. Since this is the launch trailer for the game, it’s understandable that they add in-game content since it’s now available for use and product promotion. But even in the beginning, when its first trailer gave a simple scenario, it really looked an event that one would experience in the game. There was a clear idea of the world, the mechanics that might be available, and examples of how enemy encounter would take place. The trailers from the Last of Us promised something that could be fully experienced within the game, rather than showing high-definition cinematic that might not be relevant to how the actual game would unfold. I’m really excited to see game engines getting close to cinematic gameplay, and the trailers for The Last of Us made me jump for joy. Just look at that spiffy quality, movement and detail! High-five to the Naughty Dog team for such an advancement. Makes me wonder where game engines will improve on next.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sculpture and Quadruped Walk

Hey everyone! Sculpey sculpture, done!

The Breathrider- A flying whale spirit that rides on the breath of life. So long as life breathes, this spirit will rejoice in its flight of whimsy

Also, here's a quadruped practice from this summer

Quadruped Breakdown from Zenphonica on Vimeo.