Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scribbles from a Summer Sketchbook (and new sculpture preview!)

Summer's here, and I've been scribbling here and there on a lil sketchbook. Here's a few pages:


Geez, I'd really like to understand how to organize these images. Anyways, these are a few sketchbook pages. And here's a preview of an in-process sculpture. A gift for mum, to be exact:

I'll be done soon with this fella. Then I can start painting and all that good stuff.

Hope everyone's having a great summer. Learn, laugh, and stay productive!

When Artists turn into Magicians

From bouncing balls to cheerful struts, this second semester tested us out with our first big taste of what animation was all about. Movement, weight, gravity and acting; these were all things we had to grasp and learn to apply as quickly as we could on out Traditional Animation I class. Here are some of the results that came out of that class:

Final Ball Bounce-Around from Zenphonica on Vimeo.
Ball Bounce Obstacle Course, as my instructor called it

Flour Sack - An Apple a Day from Zenphonica on Vimeo.
The Adventures of Lil Flour Sack

Character Model Sheet for Animal Jump

Animal Jump from Zenphonica on Vimeo.

Never again will I underestimate animating simple movements...

CharacterWalk from Zenphonica on Vimeo.

And we walk it off with a Character Walk. Keep walking!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back from the Dead

After months of college work chaos, I'm back from the Sea of No-Time-for-Blogpost-ic. T'was one heck of a chicken run, this semester. But this art student and her brave comrades have leveled up a whole tier as they battled out each assignment that they encountered. Here are the things I was up to during the last semester:

Color and Light:

Sketch for our first assignment (drawing a building in a different perspective) The final colored one was a... tragic trial and error.

Invented interior based on an existing character. I based this design of of Iago. Pretty fun to play around with!

Final assignment: A scene of deceit between two conflicting sides. Hawks vs Serpents, and interesting case to crack.

Enter 3D Class! Where budding artist and sculpting meet for the first time:

Wire gestures in an animated sequence. Taking out a sword and thrusting it to the ground.

Making ecorches and getting to know all those muscles~

Then deconstructing it and modeling after a live model.

Here we're starting on our big Invented Character project. We started by making 3 facial expressions of our character in bas relief sculpts. 

Here's a little side and front view blueprints to guide me through the process

Wire frame for the lil fella'

 Almost done sculpting...


And here's the character in an environment. And that concludes my first encounter with sculpting.

Here's some work from our Figure Drawing II class:

Gestures of clothed figures

Ceasar bust with invented expression

Animal skeleton studies

Tiger gestures

Invented Animal Character. Bull tiger-bears, yeah!

And this is how the owner would look like.

Sketches, sketches and more sketches.

And that concludes my freshman work for this y- Oh wait! I've got animations to upload! Time for a new blog post.