Monday, December 10, 2012

Sheaf of Short Stories

I've posted up a few drawings and visuals. Now it's time to try and paint visuals with words. Here's a few short stories from our Writing for Media Arts class. Our final project consisted of making a writing portfolio with 10 short stories, some focusing on certain elements such as environment and dialogue to tell the narrative. If I ignore the time constraints, boy, it was loads of fun.

Putting things into Perspective

And here's a bit of Perspective work done throughout the semester:

Toy Design!

Museum. More like a bird temple of some sort

Vehicle Design. Sand-surfing whale manta ray transport. Oh boy

Inventive Interior in 2pt Perspective. It's a woodworker's shack!
And last but not least, final project: Sky is Falling.
Perspective class was a real challenger for me. I think it was the most crucial class when it came to cultivating my thrill for a challenge. Having an encouraging teacher also helped tremendously in this process.

 Must polish these skills. Must must must!

2D or Not 2D, That is No Question

I think I'm getting the hang of this! Here's a run-through on most of the works done for 2D Design class

1. Abstract Seasons- Pick a season, make a list of adjectives for it, then turn it into an abstract art. What season does it represent to you?

2. Learning to Lead the Eye- Create 4 compositions, each pointing out a focal point through the use of color, value, direction, and proximity.

3. Analogous Colors- Capture a picture with triadic colors.

4. Rhythm- Study the different types of rhythm, then use at least 3 of them in a composition that uses triadic colors.

5. & 6. Final Project!- Create an abstract composition, then turn it into a representational piece!

The whole class was a real blast, and a great learning experience. I learned so much about eye direction and focal points; it's really incredible. Now I just need to keep polishing these new tools!~

The Beginnings

GWOOOOOOoooow, a blog, a blog! What the heck is a blog!? All these buttons! All these gadgets! What do I press first?! Oh boy. I think I know what a blog is, but learning how to use one is a totally different story.

Story. Stories. You'll hear a lot of those from me here. Hopefully. Probably. From silly tales of the factual world to blistering conundrums of the cogitating spirit. From real wordy fancy-pant paragraphs to simple, straightforward lines. From literal to metaphorical to what-in-hell-am-I-even-writing. I'm sure it won't be a bore.

Bore. Boar. A boar is a pig. A wild pig. I guess it can have a wild time, so why would it be a boar? I've unleashed one of the many puns that will flood this teeny-tiny piece of cyberspace. I don't plan on being punctual with them, nor will I punder too hard on when and when not to use them. See what I did there? Eh? Eh? I'll stop.

Stop |st├Ąp| - Noun. A cessation of movement or operation. An antonym of my character. Indeed, this bull-headed artist has set off on a journey of artistic ambition and boundless determination. A road that'll force me to conquer my own doubts, weaknesses, and frailties. A road that shows me the wonders hidden within every corner of the world, the magic within every life form, and the courage within every soul. I've found and heard my call: To mythologize life, empower the hero within, and wage war against apathy. The apathy over division, over our surroundings, over the lifeforms that compose our universal family. This is my quest. This is my creed.

Welp, that there's enough writing. That's what happens when you let an audiophile write while listening to nicely-orchestrated epic music. But enough of this jibber-jabber! Time to figure out how to-!.. Uh... Um... Work this blog... thing. Ugh.